'House of Lies' recap - ‘Wreckage’

By Ricky Riley,

Season Three of House of Lies opens where the series left off at the end of season two. Marty Kaan tries to get his new agency off the ground and the old gang tries to adjust to life without him.

While on a flight to China, Marty dreams of Clyde, Doug and Jeannie. In the dream, Marty and Jeannie kiss as an earthquake happens around the two. Marty and his new pod fly to China to meet with the CEO of Free Range Foods to talk about a deal. Marty hate that he has to do business with Robert Treehorn but daddy has to eat. In order for Marty to sell a crappy product, he has to taste a crappy product. Treehorn shoves a black sea plant in Marty’s mouth and then Marty says that it tastes like the “ass of a dead fish."

Jeannie and Doug have new co-workers they hate. One is a religious zealot and the other is an odd woman. In regards to Clyde, he now works with Monica and he has a new pod. Clyde is having the hardest time being himself because his female co-worker thinks that he is a rapist and Monica is being a total ass to him.

The entire episode is about taking down Monica’s account with Colossal Foods. In order for Marty to do that, he has to work with Jeannie and Galweather Stern. He goes to Jeannie’s home in a limo and offers to take her to the Coke function. He tells her that Coke will not give up their account because the CEO is related to the CEO of another agency. He also tells her that Galweather Stern can get the Colossal Foods account because Monica has been lying to them about numbers. Finally, he tells her that his company will get the Free Range Foods account because the two companies can play the food giants against each one another. Then Marty and Jeannie drive off in the limo.

This episode of House of Lies was just okay. The show still has fantastic dialogue but without the old gang together to bounce one-liners off each other the show feels different. I can see that the show is re-establishing some of the old relationships and redefining Marty’s and Jeannie’s friendship. I can’t wait to see what happens next. House of Lies airs on Showtime.

The full first episode is here:

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