Indian woman claims she was gang-raped on village council orders

By Kyle Johnson,

A West Bengal Indian woman claims that the village council ordered her to be gang-raped after she had a relationship with a man from another village.

According to BBC News, 13 men have been arrested for the gang-rape. Officials have confirmed that the attack was over the 20-year-old woman being in a relationship with a man from another community.

She was taken to the hospital after attack and she is currently there in critical condition.

According to NDTV, when the couple's relationship was discovered, they were both tied to a tree and their families were told to pay compensation. The man's family did, but her family could not.

The woman said that the village elders "ordered that I be 'enjoyed' by the men of the village." She added that the men just kept on raping her. "I lost count how many times I was raped."

Once the horrifying ordeal was over, she was told to keep her mouth shut, but her family was able to smuggle her out of the village and reach police.

Some of the villagers have denied the rape ever happened. One woman in the village said, "She is a bad character. She was going around with this non-tribal man. We told her not to but she didn't listen." She added, "If she dare to come back to the village, I will kill her."



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