Ingredient used in baby wipes may cause rashes

By Amanda Stewart,

New research has found that baby wipes are making some children break out in rashes and skin irritations.

This study was conducted by Dr. Mary Wu Chang and published in the January 13 issue of Pediatrics.

According to the Daily Mail, the chemical called methylisothiazolinone that is present in the wipes is causing allergic reaction in some of the children whose parents have used the wipes. The chemical has been linked to numerous allergic reactions in beauty products.

No cases of allergic reactions to the wipes have been recorded in the United States, but the authors of the study say that is probably due to the allergic reaction being misdiagnosed.

Scientists took a look at six children who were all using the wipes and having reactions, according to WebMD. In every case the rash disappeared after discontinuing the use of the wipes.

Chang, lead author of the study, advised parents to be sure to read labels of the products that they are using and be aware of this ingredient.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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