International Space Station to receive funding through 2024

By Kyle Johnson,

The White House has decided to keep funding the International Space Station through the year 2024, NASA announced on Wednesday.

The cost to keep the ISS functioning will be a continued $3 billion a year, according to ComputerWorld. The funding leaves NASA with $14 billion a year for the rest of their budget.

NASA hopes that keeping the ISS funded and operating is useful for potential deep space exploration down the road. "I really see the International Space Station as the first step in exploration," NASA Office of Communications associated administrator David Weaver said. "We're getting a significant amount of research on the space station. It lets us look back at the Big Bang. It gives us clues on dark matter. The space station is really hitting its stride."

Reuters reports that NASA associate administrator Bill Gerstenmaier was happy to have secured funding for another 10 years as it gives them agency time to plan for the future as well keep up commercialization as U.S. cargo ships are just beginning to make stocking trips up to the ISS.

Gerstenmaier noted that the decision to keep funding the station was not all on the U.S. as partners in the ISS always wanted to "go forward with this."

The International Space Station recently celebrated being in space for 14 years after it was launched in 2000. Construction began back in 1998 and took 12 years to get the station completed.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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