Investigation into decapitation case stymies Wyoming police

By Michelle Kapusta,

The discovery of a decapitated man in a remote part of Wyoming has stymied police and concerned residents.

According to the Associated Press, some in the area have speculated that big-time drug violence may have reached their rural county.

All the residents have to go on is pure speculation. They have about the same amount of information as the police, which isn’t much.

Authorities only know that the man was shot multiple times and then decapitated post-mortem.

Investigators are still trying to figure out the man’s identity and piece together the events leading up to his death.

The sheer violence of someone being shot several times and having their head and one of their limbs cut off before being dumped, is what has residents thinking this crime may be something more than a small county murder mystery.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that a piteado belt was found with the victim. The piteado technique, which is popular in Mexico and Central America, does lead authorities to believe that the man could be from those regions.



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