Jahi McMath approved for transfer

By Amanda Stewart,

The family of Jahi McMath and Oakland Children’s Hospital came to an agreement Friday that the 13-year-old girl would be allowed to move facilities.

According to CBS News, Jahi has been cleared by the children’s hospital to be moved by ambulance. Jahi’s mother has assumed all responsibility to whatever may happen to Jahi during the move, including the large possibility of cardiac arrest.

Doctors are not allowed to insert any feeding or breathing tubes to assist with long-term care due to the ruling made by Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo.

The family, despite the hospital and staff telling them that their child is brain dead, has remained optimistic in hopes that Jahi will soon come back. They claim religious reasons for pushing to have ventilators hooked up for the child.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the transport team will transfer Jahi’s tube to a new one at the new facility.

Jahi’s mother told reporters, "She's definitely showing me improvements. If I felt that my child was suffering in any type of way, I would not keep her on that machine. I love her that much, that I would let her go. But since I've seen improvements every day, I will fight for Jahi every day.”

"Moral questions have a million answers," said Douglas Strauss, hospital attorney. "Personally it's horrible that this child has died. It's also horrible that it's so difficult for her family to accept that death.”

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, an organization started by Schiavo’s parents after her death, said that they are helping the family with the transfer.



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