Jay Mohr criticizes Alyssa Milano's weight, she tweets he 'fat-shamed' her

By Gina DiFalco,

Comedian and actor Jay Mohr recently criticized actress Alyssa Milano’s weight during a radio interview after they both attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards in early December. Milano responded via Twitter and seemed to take a “kill with kindness” approach.

It all started when Mohr said she had a “gut” during a radio interview, calling her “Melissa Milano” and “Melissa what’s-her-name.”

“She was one of the presenters. ... She’s very tiny. In height. It seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s—’ ... I read it on her gut,” he said, Daily News reports. He didn’t stop there, saying, “Somebody sat in the director’s chair and was not wearing Spanx and I was like, ‘Jesus Christ.’”

Since then, Milano has responded via Twitter, writing, “@jaymohr37 So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God Bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”

According to Us Weekly, Mohr has two kids and one with his wife, Nikki Cox, while Milano and her husband Dave Bugliari have a 2-year-old son named Milo.

Mohr hosted the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards gala on Dec. 6 and Milano presented an award to Jimmie Johnson.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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