Jennifer Nettles denies rift within Sugarland upon release of solo album 'That Girl'

By Gina DiFalco,

Jennifer Nettles, who appeared on The View to promote her solo album That Girl and perform her song “Falling,” addressed rumors that her band Sugarland has broken up.

Nettles said she and bandmate Kristian Bush are doing fine, and despite her new musical endeavor they have not broken up as a group.

"Quite the opposite. I can't be in two different places at the same time and I put 100 percent of myself into something,” she cleared up, E! Online reports.

She also explained, "I didn't want to do a solo project out of dislike of the band. I love that music but there's something else I had to prove to myself.” In fact, Bush is "doing his own stuff,” so when they reunite they will be "rejuvenated and re-inspired."

Upon the release of her solo project, Nettles has taken to Twitter to thank the fans that have stuck by her as she does her own thing without Bush.

“Thank you all! All the love and positive feedback from fans, friends, colleagues and loved ones, has me feeling super grateful!! Thank you!” she wrote.

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image: ABC



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