Jerry Seinfeld confirms secret project with Jason Alexander, possible 'Seinfeld' reunion

By Daniel S Levine,

Earlier this month, an image of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander outside the famous diner used as a stand-in for Seinfeld went viral, leading millions to wonder if the former co-stars were reuniting for a reunion. The news came just after Larry David talked about a project with Seinfeld, but the comedian never commented on it, until today. Seinfeld didn’t confirm anything specific, but said that a “secret project” is in the works.

Seinfeld was on WFAN this morning when he was asked about that photo. Was it for a Super Bowl commercial as rumored or a special Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode?

“It's neither,” Seinfeld replied, notes E! News. “But it is not not those things either. It's a secret project.”

He was asked for more details, but Seinfeld couldn’t give any more. “I've gave you more now than I've given anyone,” he told the radio station. “I told you what it isn't, and then I told you that it isn't not that either.”

Seinfeld could say that the meeting with Alexander was filmed and that it will be coming out soon. It’s also a “one-and-done” thing in a “short-ish form.”

During his Reddit AMA this month, Seinfeld did reveal that he and David are working on something “...big, huge, gigantic.”

image: NBC



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