Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander spotted outside famous 'Seinfeld' diner, speculation on new project with Larry David continues

By Daniel S Levine,

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted outside a diner in New York on Thursday. This probably wouldn’t be news, since the two are friends... but they went to that diner. They were spotted outside Tom’s Restaurant, the famous diner used as a stand-in for the diner in Seinfeld.

Twitter user Ali Phil spotted the two walking into the restaurant. Phil spoke with NBC New York and said that it appeared that the two were being filmed, which may explain why Alexander was seen without his new hair. She also said that she couldn’t tell what they were being filmed for. It could have been for Seinfeld’s new series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Aceshowbiz notes that Larry David was also spotted at the diner. David and Alexander were able to sneak out without bumping into reporters, but Seinfeld wasn’t so lucky. He didn’t spill the beans on the project though. There are reports that someone on the crew said it was a Super Bowl commercial.

Meanwhile, Seinfeld fans are still eager to learn what his new project is with Seinfeld co-creator David. During a Reddit AMA last week, Seinfeld referred to a “gigantic” project that he couldn’t give details on.

David spoke with Showbiz411, revealing that he just wrote a play for Broadway. When asked if Seinfeld would star in it, David replied, “Maybe...We’re talking about it.”

image: Ali Phil on Twitter



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