John Mayer picks up Lady Gaga's ex-manager Troy Carter

By Alicia Mayle,

After the split between Lady Gaga and her manager Troy Carter, John Mayer made a move and hired him. Mayer and Carter had already known each other through mutual friends and just signed on together.

This move seems risky on Carter’s part because he has only managed singers like John Legend, violinist Lindsey Sterling and Lady Gaga. This will be his first time managing a rock singer.

According to Rolling Stone , Carter and Gaga split right before her release of her album “ARTPOP” over “creative differences.” In an open letter on Lady Gaga’s website, she said that she felt that her time had been “mismanaged.”

For Carter, this could seem like a break of independence, and a little bit of defiance as Mayer has been linked to Katy Perry, rival of Lady Gaga. However, the rivalry is directly refuted by Gaga and Perry.

According to Entertainment Wise , Mayer split with long time manager Michael McDonald after 13 years. McDonald parted fondly with Mayer saying he “holds Mayer’s talent in the highest regard.”

image: WikiMedia Commons



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