Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and writer Terence Winter react to 'Wolf of Wall Street' Oscar nominations

By Daniel S Levine,

One of the complete surprises from the Oscar nominations this morning was the success of The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese's polarizing film about Wall Street excess. The film not only secured a Best Picture nomination, but stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill earned nominations. Writer Terence Winter was also nominated for his adapted screenplay based on Jordan Belfort’s book. The trio reacted to their nominations in several interviews during the day.

“This is amazing!” Hill told The Wall Street Journal. “I was asleep.”

Although Hill, who gained fame in raunchy comedies like Superbad, was previously nominated for his supporting role in Moneyball, this one for Wall Street was still a shock for him. “I got to work for my hero,” he told the Wall Street Journal of being in a Scorsese film. “It was my cinematic dream.”

While speaking with the New York Times, Hill said DiCaprio spent “about 45 minutes to figure out how to conference us all together” to congratulate everyone on the film’s five nominations. “It was very sweet.”

Meanwhile, DiCaprio talked to the Times about getting this film made. “I wanted to put this culture up on screen in all its ugliness,” the actor said. “To be able to have this film honored like this by the Academy, it’s surprising, and it feels great.”

The Huffington Post caught up with Winter, who, just like Hill, said he considered working with DiCaprio and Scorsese a win already. “Whatever happens is all gravy and that's sort of how I felt about this. I'm thrilled, obviously, but I really tried to put it out of my head,” Winter said.

Winter also said that he’ll take pride in knowing that both DiCaprio and Hill were nominated for roles he wrote. “But these guys are such great actors and, yes, obviously I had a hand in that and Marty had a hand in that, but their performance and the level of commitment from both of them -- they're just extraordinary,” Winter noted.

Check out the Oscar nominees here.

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