Josh Holloway returns to TV with CBS show ‘Intelligence’

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Josh Holloway appeared at the San Diego ComicCon to promote CBS' midseason drama Intelligence this summer.

In the show, which starts tonight, Holloway plays Gabriel Vaughn, a spy with vast knowledge supplied by a computer microchip implanted in his brain. Meaghan Ory is his co-star.

The former Lost star Holloway likened Intelligence to a mixture of James Bond, Bourne Identity, and Mission: Impossible.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Holloway admitted that his is not the most tech savvy. "I'm one of the most computer illiterate," Holloway said at the time. "I would use a computer if it's jammed in [my] head. It's a funny dichotomy that they picked me to be the tech guy."

Intelligence is Holloway’s first series since Lost wrapped up in 2010. Holloway, who spent five seasons on the hit show Lost, said he would be glad to go to Hawaii and do crossover episode with former Lost co-star, Daniel Dae Kim, according to Entertainment Weekly.

image: CBS



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