Judge orders brain dead pregnant woman off life support

By Kyle Johnson,

Marlise Munoz, who has been brain dead since November, will finally be removed from life support after she has been kept on it as she is pregnant.

Tarrant County, Texas District Judge R.H. Wallace sided with the husband and ordered John Peter Smith Hospital to remove Munoz from life support by Monday, reports The Associated Press.

Munoz was found back in November passed out at home by her husband, Erick. She had suffered from a blood clot and was pronounced brain dead at the hospital. Unfortunately, though the family wanted her pulled from life support, because she was 14 weeks pregnant, the hospital, by law, had to keep her on life support.

Erick never believed the fetus was going to be OK because it had been without oxygen and nutrients after Munoz suffered from a pulmonary embolism. According to NBC News, a joint affidavit was submitted before the ruling that said that "at the time of this hearing, the fetus gestating inside Mrs. Munoz is not viable." Medical records for the fetus also show that it is "distinctly abnormal."

The hospital had argued that Munoz would need to be kept on life support because she was pregnant and they had to "protect the unborn child against the wishes of a decision maker."



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