Judge sets date for Jodi Arias retrial of penalty phase

By Michelle Kapusta,

On Monday, a judge set a date for convicted killer, Jodi Arias’ death penalty retrial case.

According to HLN, the date is set for March 17 and a new jury will now decide whether Arias gets life in prison or the death penalty.

In May, a jury convicted the 33-year-old of first-degree murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, but after determining that she was eligible for the death penalty, they were unable to decide her fate.

Over the past several months, motions have been filed from both sides, AZ Family 3 in Phoenix reports.

The defense wanted Arias retried in another city because of the heavy media coverage the case has already received in Phoenix. The prosecution wanted to monitor social media accounts of new jurors.

Judge Sherry Stephens denied both motions and also said that there will be significantly less television coverage in this trail than the last one, 3 Phoenix noted.

In Arias’ first trial, graphic language, testimony and disturbing photographs were displayed on daytime TV.

A jury for the new trial has not yet been selected.



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