Justin Bieber addicted to drugs, friends urge rehab (Report)

By Kyle Johnson,

Justin Bieber is reportedly addicted to drugs and his friends have been trying to get the pop star to check himself into rehab.

TMZ is reporting that several credible sources have informed the site that Beiber has been abusing drugs, including something called sizzurp.

The drink is a combination of Sprite, a Jolly Rancher, promethazine and the base ingredient is usually codeine. The sources say that the Canadian singer calls it "lean." It's a dangerous concoction that can supposedly cause seizures in the user.

The sources added that sizzurp isn't the only thing that Bieber has been on. He's also addicted to prescription pills, especially Xanax. On top of all that he consumes a lot of alcohol and smokes weed. However, the sources say that Bieber doesn't mess with cocaine, a drug that was found in "plain view" at his house during the recent raid.

During the police raid stemming from the egg-throwing incident, police reportedly found cocaine at Bieber's house, but it was said not to be the singer's. Rather it was rapper Xavier "Lil Za" Smith's drugs and he was booked into jail on felony drug possession.

People close to the singer have also reportedly been trying to get Bieber to seek help or check into rehab.

image: ABC



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