Justin Bieber boards private plane out of Miami

By Alicia Mayle,

After Justin Bieber was arrested and charged with a DUI, his team sent a private plane to pick him up from Miami to take him to rehab on Thursday, he refused to get on, however on Saturday the entertainer finally boarded a plane and left Miami.

After refusing to get onto the first private plane, Bieber returned to his rented Miami mansion with his father, Jeremy Bieber. According to CelebBuzz, reports surfaced that Bieber’s father was a bad influence on the pop star.

Jeremy Bieber responded in a tweet:

As Bieber left the mansion, he was swarmed by fans, reports Extra. He had to return to the house and leave through another door. In an effort to thank his fans, Bieber tweeted to them saying that they “are all worthy,” how they “changed his life” and that he is “grateful.”

It is not certain where the singer is going-whether it is actually to rehab or somewhere to lay low.

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons



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