Justin Bieber detained and house raided by law enforcement

By Kyle Johnson,

Justin Bieber was served with a felony search warrant and detained on Tuesday by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies in connection to the egg throwing incident.

Bieber has been detained during the search, but according to sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, everyone is being cooperative, reports the Los Angeles Times. "We will seek to question Mr. Bieber in connection with a felony investigation," but did note that no one has been arrested.

The felony investigation stems from accusations that Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. neighbor levied at him after the 19-year-old allegedly threw about 20 eggs at the house.

The incident was recorded and both Bieber and his neighbor can be heard yelling expletives at each other. The incident would normally be considered a misdemeanor, but it would be upgraded to a felony if the damage done exceeded $400.

According to TMZ, the deputies are also looking to see if the pop star's surveillance cameras caught anything of the egg throwing incident.

The site notes that though the search is focused on finding evidence related to the incident, if they also find anything illegal, it could also land Bieber in more trouble.

image: ABC



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