Justin Bieber egging: authorities defend strong response, Lil Za out of jail

By Daniel S Levine,

Los Angeles County sheriff's officials raided Justin Bieber’s Calabasas home Tuesday morning and the singer, along with other friends sleeping at the home, were detained for questioning in an alleged egging prank of a neighbor’s home. Authorities defended their strict response to the prank, noting that the Believe signer is facing felony charges.

Last week, tape of the incident surfaced on TMZ, with the neighbor screaming “I see you. I f**king see you!” at Bieber as he and his friends pelted the house with eggs. Bieber, 19, reportedly yelled back, “F**k you! I got another one for you, actually!”

On Tuesday morning, Bieber’s house was raided by sheriff’s deputies and the singer was detained during the search. A sheriff spokesman said that everyone was cooperative during the search.

Bieber could face up to a felony charge if it is found that he damaged over $400 worth of property. The neighbor valued the damage Bieber caused at $20,000. Since the felony is possible, authorities defended the swift response, reports The LA Times. They were searching for “video surveillance or other relevant evidence.”

“None of this has anything to do with him being a celebrity," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lt. Dave Thompson told the media. “This is a felony crime. This could be Mr. Bieber, this could be you, this could be me, this could be anybody.”

Thompson added, “I get that the eggs don’t seem that significant, but it does rise to the level of a felony.”

Meanwhile, E! News reports that rapper Lil Za, a friend of Bieber’s, was arrested twice on Tuesday. First, authorities found him in possession of MDNA ecstasy (or ‘molly’). As he was being released on bail, he smashed a phone and was then charged with vandalism. He was later released.

image: ABC



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