Justin Bieber out of jail on $2,500 bond

By Alicia mayle,

Justin Bieber has left the Miami-Dade county jail, after being read the charges brought against him after he was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription pills, marijuana, and alcohol on Thursday in a residential area of Miami Beach.

Bieber was arrested after Miami police stopped a drag race that the singer was participating in. Authorities say that the 19 year old was racing in a yellow Lamborghini, and R&B singer, Khalil Sharief, who was driving a red Ferrari, was also arrested. Bieber now has a DUI charge, and a driving with a suspended license charge.

According to Fox News, the police report said Bieber’s eyes were bloodshot and he had "a stuper look on his face,” and that at first he was “belligerent…using some choice words, questioning why he was arrested.”

According to Newsday, under the immigration law, Bieber’s visa will not be revoked. Only people who commit violent crimes or are sentenced to one year or more are deported.

Bieber was let go after he paid a $2,500 bond. A first DUI offense, when the driver is under 21, is a 6-month suspension, and drag racing is a sentence of 6 months, a fine, and 1-year suspension of license.

Photo Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons



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