Justin Bieber spends $75,000 at strip club in Miami

By Gina Masilotti,

Justin Bieber’s name seems to be getting thrown around more often than not, with one ridiculous story after another. Most recently, Bieber was found throwing insane amounts of cash away at a strip club in Miami - $75,000 to be exact.

Bieber attended rapper Lil Scrappy’s birthday party on Monday night at Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club. The Daily News confirms that the pop star was actually there from the King of Diamonds' Instagram page, where pictures of Bieber from this night were found. Also, a post on the strip club's Twitter page read, “Justin Bieber just ordered 75K ones…”

A King of Diamonds rep told TMZ that he did, indeed, bring that much money. Story after story fills the news with cases of Bieber going crazy at the club.

Bieber’s mansion was rumored to be filled with drugs last week, but some of the cops who raided the mansion have made statements about the raid. Lt. David Thompson, who is a part of the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department, told < a href=http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/justin-bieber-spends-75k-miami-strip-club-report-article-1.1586455>The Daily News that “I didn’t see any of it. The house was orderly. It didn’t look like a drug pad.”

This may come as a shock to many people considering the rumors going around, but it seems that spending crazy amounts of cash at a strip club is actually all Bieber’s really been up to recently.

image: ABC



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