Justin Bieber's home not filled with drugs

By Rebekah Penner ,

Despite recent reports that Justin Bieber’s home was littered with drugs when it was raided last week, police are confirming they did not find Bieber’s home filled with drugs or paraphernalia.

According to E! Online, the only drugs police found were Bieber's friend Lil Za's drugs, which he was arrested for.

Bieber’s home was searched after Los Angeles Law Enforcement executed a felony search warrant on Jan 14 around 8 a.m. to determine if Bieber was part of an egg-throwing incident at his neighbor’s home. Officers entered the home unaware of what to expect, however, found what was initially described as cocaine on Lil Za, reported by Fox News.

Authorities have confirmed that containers of marijuana were not found everywhere as earlier reported concluding that Bieber’s home was "well kept and clean."

Video surveillance footage was confiscated with the singer’s phone to be investigated further into the egg-throwing incident.

The egg-throwing incident is not the first problem Bieber has had with neighbors. He has been accused of having all-night house parties and driving considerably fast on the residential streets in the past months.

image: ABC



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