Justin Bieber's private plane held for marijuana smell

By Kyle Johnson,

Justin Bieber's plane was detained for a short time when it landed at Teterboro airport in New Jersey on Friday because law enforcement believed there was a strong smell of marijuana on the plane.

According to TMZ, the plane landed as Bieber, his father and friends plan on going to the Super Bowl this weekend and sources say that law enforcement officials believed there was a strong smell of pot emanating from within.

Another source said that passengers on the plane weren't surprised the plane got searched as they were coming from Canada.

An airport source told Page Six, "He came in, the jet smelled like weed, they were doing preliminary security checks that they don't usually do as Teterboro is usually pretty relaxed, but because of the Super Bowl they are doing more security checks."

But after a thorough search featuring cops and drug-sniffing dogs, everyone was released because nothing was found.

The Canadian pop star has had a tough time as of late because his neighbor is after him for allegedly throwing eggs, he was arrested in Florida for speeding and DUI and he has charges in Canada stemming from allegedly assaulting a limo drive.

Also, thousands have put together a petition to try and get the 19-year-old deported as they are tired of his antics in the U.S.

image: ABC



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