A Kanye West fan creates Yeezianity and The Church of Yeezus

By Jessica Starks,

A group of people, under the leadership of an anonymous fan, have come together to develop a new religion based upon the teachings of rapper, Kanye West.

According to Hip Hop DX, the members of the church choose to remain unknown for the time being. The founder of the church, who is a major supporter of West, said about the newly-created belief, "In a lot of ways, after I created it, I reflected on it and thought that this was just a rehashing of Christianity, but just throwing Yeezus instead of Jesus."

The founder also discussed how West does not get as much credit as he deserves because he is misunderstood. “He is the most honest person in our culture. He has the highest moral standards and highest integrity. He is the most creative person," he said. "And as it's typical with creative people, he gets a lot of flack from the lower minded masses. It's not even that they don't like him, it's that they don't know what he's doing because the press gives it this negative spin all the time."

Yeezianity.com explains all the basic principles of their faith and how to become a member. The church seems to follow the same premise as Christianity, also having 5 pillars of their faith, similar to both Christianity's Ten Commandments and Islam's 5 Pillars.

On the website, West is only referred to by his divine name because “His real name is never to be spoken; He is known to us only as Yeezus.”

Want to join The Church of Yeezus? Send in a unidentifiable picture of yourself holding up some sort of sign or banner that says “I Believe in Yeezus.” It's as simple as that.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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