Kanye West investigated for Beverly Hills battery

By Kyle Johnson,

Police are reportedly investigating Kanye West for beating up a teenager in Beverly Hills on Monday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Beverly Hills Police Department said that West has been accused by the victim and was identified by witnesses at the scene. The rapper didn't stay though, choosing to leave before cops showed up.

TMZ is reporting that West beat up an 18-year-old after he allegedly began saying the N-word around Kim Kardashian at chiropractor's office. The guy had helped Kardashian into the office as paparazzi followed close behind.

the problem started when the reality starlet asked the guy to tone down his language as he yelled at the photogs and not to use the N-word. That's when he swore at her saying, "F--k you b--ch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n----r lover."

Naturally Kardashian wasn't too happy and called West who was on his way over to her and the guy then yelled towards the phone, "F--k you N----r." Sources then say that when West arrived in the office, he began beating up the guy with Kardashian nearby saying that "We have it all on tape."

Eventually the two men were separated and West left after the victim said that he was interested in pressing charges.

image: Image.net



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