‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Recap: 'And All That Jazzzzzzz'

By Francisco Flores,
Kris (almost) auditions for Broadway

Season nine of KUWTK has begun just as every season before it has…with nonstop drama throughout the entire family.

In this episode, Khloé is in the midst of her nasty separation from Lamar Odom and is struggling with her current living situation. She admits on the show that she is basically living out of her car as she travels from home to home.

After Kourtney and Kris both offer for Khloé to live with them in their homes, she refuses. The Jenner house has five family members living there, including Kim and Kanye, who are there temporarily as their obnoxiously big mansion is under construction. Kourtney’s house is also not a good choice because, not only is it much smaller than the Jenner house, but it also has two young children living there along with Scott Disick, so really, there’s three young children. Luckily, younger brother, Rob, offers a lending hand and invites Khloé to live with him. She gladly accepts and moves into Rob’s new condo.

Speaking of Rob, he’s back this season with the same story. His constant struggle with his weight gainE! News notes, and emotional issues have become a worn out topic on the show, but it continues to bring out the sensitive side in everyone.

This week, his struggle is furthered even more when Khloé moves in and brings along some unhealthy eating habits with her. Rob has completely cut out junk food from his diet, so the return of the mac and cheese Khloé makes him is met with anger and frustration.

Apart from his health issues, Rob also struggles with expanding his Arthur George sock line when he tries to have a business meeting at his house only to find three of his sisters having a slumber party. Talk about a distraction.

Kris Jenner always has to be the butt of the joke in her family, at least that’s the way she sees it. This week, Kris spends some time in New York with Kim’s BFF, Jonathan Cheban. They go watch a Broadway show which gives Kris the stage bug. Once they return to L.A., she immediately looks into finding a dance studio and a vocal coach to begin her training as she prepares to potentially audition for a Broadway show.

Obviously viewers are not going to know what goes on behind the scenes of the Kardashian Empire, but if Kris is really the brains behind the whole thing, then taking on another project is probably not the best decision for her, but she does it anyway. After showing Kim and Jonathan a sample of dance moves she’s been working on, Kris is met with laughter and humiliation as they make fun of her efforts.

This week, Kourtney and Scott continue their dysfunctional, loving relationship with deceit and lies. In this episode, two of their friends visit from New York for a few days of Los Angeles fun, but Scott has other plans. He tells Kourtney that he wants to go shopping with his friend from New York, but they really have plans to fly to Las Vegas for the day to host a pool party. Kourtney knows all about his little plan, but goes along with his lie. She gives him a chance to tell the truth, but of course he does not, so she flies out to Vegas with her friend and catches Scott like a deer in headlights. After returning home, Scott explains he lied to not worry Kourtney and to get her to stop nagging him, especially if it’s over work.

Wrap Up: After bouncing from house to house, Khloé’s frustrating living situation is not resolved in the end as she is forced to move back to the mansion she shares with Lamar. After Rob tells her she is interfering with his work and health progress, she agrees to move out and face her monsters. As if watching her enter the house she so profusely tried to avoid isn’t sad enough, the episode flashes back to happy memories of Khloé and Lamar before their fallout began. After a heartfelt call with Kathy Lee Gifford, Kris realizes that a role on Broadway just isn’t in the picture at the moment due to her hectic schedule. She did express that she is willing to continue dance and vocal lessons for when the time is right. Kourtney and Scott work out their little fib-fest, and go on as if nothing happened.

Next week, Kim takes over the Jenner house as she gets too cozy for Kris’ comfort. We will also prepare for the propsal of the century as Kanye calls the entire Kardasian Klan to fly to San Francisco for Kim’s birthday celebration. Tune in to Keep Up With the Kardashians on Sundays at 9/8 p.m.

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