Knock, Knock, Who’s There: 'Pretty Little Liars' best moment

By Alyssa Jean,

If you tuned into the Pretty Little Liars season premiere on Tuesday, then you were bombarded with a myriad of evidence and theories that could lead to the possible solution of what or who Allison DiLaurentis is so afraid of.

The episode began with Hannah, Aria, Spencer, and Emily questioning where Ali had been hiding since the time of her supposed death. Upon questioning her whereabouts, Aria confessed her not-so-happy feelings regarding Allison’s revelation that she is, in fact, still alive.

An even bigger question is what role Ezra Fitz, Aria’s on-off lover, has with Ali’s disappearance. The season opener turned quite shocking as it was made clear multiple times she was now seeing Jake. Regardless, Aria quickly forewent that relationship milestone and got pretty cozy with Ezra in his mysterious “friend’s” cabin.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure my dumbfounded exclamation and rapid hand gestures while repeatedly screaming at the television, as if the TV was going to answer back, revealed this week’s biggest moment as: the trap-door.

Everyone was thinking it, even if they didn’t want to. Ezra may, in fact, be involved in the forged death of Allison DiLaurentis. I mean, with all of the weird vibes Ezra has been imparting with Aria and the rest of the girls, one has to wonder what he’s hiding and why he is so interested in keeping Aria within his range.

As Aria and her friends wonder “Who’s in the box," as the episode is cleverly named, does it really refer to Ali’s grave, or can it also refer to the boxed door built into the floor of Ezra’s secret cabin? The shot begins with an intimate conversation between Fitz and Aria before he hands her a key, presumably to the cabin which also does not have cell phone service, and ends with an endearing kiss between the two. Even though I was all for Ezra, I have to say that I felt for Jake watching Aria kiss someone who wasn’t him.

As time passed, the camera zooms on Ezra alone in a somewhat messy bed staring with the utmost of a stalker-like gaze towards Aria’s direction. Before reaching Aria, however, the camera stops at what seems like a sketched illustration of a train, which looks eerily similar to the train seen in the 2012 Halloween episode where Ezra mysteriously appeared.

I may be looking way too far into this, but something tells me that this image must hold some importance. Aria is then seen staring out a rainy window looking perturbed and probably thinking about how she totally killed any chance of a serious relationship with Jake. Ezra’s attention then turned to a hidden trap door next to the bed.

I could be completely wrong about Ezra, but his conversation with Mona regarding fear, vulnerability, and revenge also had me practically falling off the edge of my already buckling couch. Mona has always been steps ahead of everyone especially in regards to A and who could be on the “A Team." Maybe Mona knows something about Ezra that no one else does. Maybe Ezra is just being framed and he is completely innocent. Or maybe I’m just looking too far into it, as I mentioned before.

What do you think about this week’s best moment? Comment below or share with us on Facebook or Twitter your theories on the moments captured in this episode. The season has only just begun so check back here again next week for episode number 2’s best moment!

Image: ABC



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