Kris Allen records new album in Nashville, shaking up some new rhythm

By Hannah Gullickson,

For his upcoming release, Kris Allen from American Idol’s 2009 winner has been recording his latest album in Nashville. It will be his third album.

USA Today reports that he began recording last Wednesday with producer Charlie Peacock. The two have been taking their time with the production. So far, they have completed backing tracks for four to five songs.

Some of the early tracks completed are for “Paul Simon,” “In Time” and “Beautiful and Wild.”

Peacock suggested that Allen’s new album will sport a new style for Allen, shaking in rhythm with hand drums, a gong and even a rainstick. But Peacock assured that Allen’s voice will remain the same strength that fans love.

“My mission is to have his voice way up front,” said Peacock. “We already have an established artist. We know people love his voice. So we don’t want to make it compete with anything.”

Allen has been updating his progress on Twitter and his official website, where he posted the latest video. Check out his tour schedule from Feb. 8 to Feb. 19, touring cities from Watseka, Ill. to Fairfield, Conn.

image: WikiMedia Commons



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