Laptops stolen from Coca-Cola contained personal info. of 74,000 people

By Michelle Kapusta,

Coca-Cola said that the laptops stolen from its Atlanta headquarters contained personal information of up to 74,000 people.

According to the Associated Press, Coca-Cola spokeswoman Ann Moore has said that the company has had no indication that the information on the stolen computers was misused. She also said that the personal information on the laptops belonged mostly to former and current Coca-Cola employees.

Moore revealed that the theft was committed by a former employee who was asked to maintain or dispose of the equipment, the Wall Street Journal notes.

The laptops were recovered after the theft. The world’s largest soft drink maker sent letters out notifying its employees of the incident on Friday and apologized.

Coke’s admission comes amid consumer concerns of data breaches that have plagued other companies recently.

Target Corp. has said that its infamous security breach could have affected as many as 110 million customer accounts and for Neiman Marcus Group’s breach nearly 1.1 million credit cards may have been compromised.



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