'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Recap: Bruce Springsteen

By Aaliyah Gibson,
Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen bring their a-game.

Now that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is drawing upon its final weeks before Fallon becomes host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, seeing the show that lasted for five seasons end with a bang is just what the show needs. Luckily, Fallon brought his a-game when he welcomed a legend as guest and musical performance on the stage: Bruce Springsteen. From there, hilarity and epic guitar playing united to offer one heck of a show.

The show opened with a monologue where Fallon covered issues from the current Bridgegate scandal to Beyoncé writing an essay saying she wanted men and women to earn equal paychecks — all with a comedic spin, of course. The full comedy kicked off, however, when Fallon had two members of The Roots reenact a scene from the current season of The Bachelor.

According to Yahoo TV, Victoria was so drunk that Juan Pablo, the star of the show, had to send her home. The Roots stars made sure to convey all drunkenness. This was a great intro to a segment called Pros and Cons: The Bachelor where Fallon called out the good and the ugly of appearing on this season of the show. “Pro: you can find the woman you’ll spend the rest of your life with,” Fallon commented. “Con: Come on.”

As viewers waited for Springsteen to finally make an appearance in the guest’s chair, a surprise was in store when Springsteen and Fallon clad in identical '80s rock star gear came on stage. Dressed in bandanas, aviator sunglasses, and cut-off shirts, both stars collaborated to turn Springsteen’s iconic song, “Born to Run,” into a spoof addressing the current "Bridgegate" scandal with Chris Christie called “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam.” According to Variety, Christie is a fan of Springsteen. But that didn’t stop the chanting of “Bruce” by the time the performance was over.

From there, fans of Springsteen finally got what they were waiting for as the icon joined Fallon on the guest chair answering questions ranging from how he got started as an artist to some bands that were influential to him as a teen. It was an insightful look into the rock star’s past and mentality as a down-to-earth legend.

Not much later, Springsteen gave viewers just what was needed before a start to hump day. With a group of fans gathered in a small standing area towards the back, backup singers, and as many musicians to fill up an entire stage, Springsteen performed two songs off of his new album High Hopes, titled “High Hopes” and “Heaven’s Wall.” There were enough guitar riffs, jumping, and chanting of Springsteen’s name to let the singer know that some legends will never lose their touch.

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