Leaked BET emails prove that they ordered B. Scott to change during BET Awards show

By Lola Odejobi,

Transgender blogger, B. Scott, sued the television network BET, claiming that he was ordered to change his clothes because he was dressed like a woman. He was booked to host last year’s BET Awards Pre-Show and BET execs didn’t like his choice of clothing. BET has since denied the claims.

Today, new emails and communications were leaked which show that BET did indeed make B. Scott change his wardrobe and remove his makeup. When B. Scott agreed to change, he never reappeared on air.

According to TMZ, BET Music Programming President, Stephen Hill, wrote an email saying, “I don’t want a ‘looking like a woman B. Scott.’ I want tempered B. Scott.” BET network VP Rhonda Cowan replied, “I can speak to him about being less womanly.”

BET executives wanted to spin the incident by putting the blame on B. Scott. TMZ also received an email that said, “The spin should be he was late for a live show and subsequently replaced and would have been awkward in a live show to have the person assuming his role removed and him inserted. Unless we can make public the reason we didn’t want him dressed the way he normally does, I would stay away from suits, suit selections, etc.”

The Huffington Post shared some of the leaked email exchanges.

B. Scott has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his stories on coming out and gives his many fans advice on relationships. He has appeared on BET as a guest judge on 106 & Park and appeared on many reality shows and talk shows. It is strange that BET would hire B. Scott knowing that he is transgender but expect him to not appear in his usual wardrobe.



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