Live grenade found at Goodwill

By Morgan Cox,

The management of a Goodwill store in Winston-Salem, N.C. have notified the police department of a grenade that was apparently donated to the store about a week ago.

According to Inquistir, the grenade was found to still be useable.

The store explained to the police that the grenade had been placed in one of their outside collection boxes. The grenade was sitting on a desk when authorities arrived and had been previously handled by store employees.

It is unknown how many times the device was handled or any reasons as to why it wasn't until a week later that the police were notified of the grenade.

Goodwill's executive director, Arthur Gibel, told The Winston-Salem Journal that the organization receives devices every year that appear to be hand grenades. Another hand grenade was reportedly found at a different store in North Carolina in the year 2010.

The police took possession of the live grenade and properly disposed of the grenade. No one was hurt.



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