‘Lone Survivor’ looking at $35 million opening weekend

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Mark Wahlberg's Lone Survivor is on pace to make an estimated $33 million to $35 million during its debut weekend. The film is doing very well at the U.S. box office and is being hailed as a very patriotic and emotional film. A few predictions are even guessing that the film could bring in over $40 million during its debut weekend.

Predictions have nearly doubled at the box office as returns from Friday for the war story have looked good, Variety reported.

In its first day, Lone Survivor made around $12 million and has been increasing in box office numbers due to positive word of mouth.

The film has also been receiving a lot of positive reviews and feedback across a variety of social media networks. Fans are tweeting out about the film and thanking veterans and active duty military members.

Forbes is hailing Lone Survivor as the first big blockbuster of 2014, as the film only cost $48 million to produce.

Lone Survivor only has one other new film as competition this weekend with Lionsgate's The Legend of Hercules, which stars Kellan Lutz. To date, the film has only made $3.08 million at the box office and has received poor reviews.

Predictions have the $70 million flick possibly making $8 million this weekend.

image: Universal Pictures/Image.net



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