'Lone Survivor' looking to help raise money for veteran charities

By Kyle Johnson,

New film Lone Survivor is looking to try and get people interested in donating towards veteran charities by hosting various fundraising activities.

One way is that if you order your tickets through Fandango, there is also the option to donate money to the newly created Lone Survivor Fund, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Any money received is then divided amongst Got Your Six, Lone Survivor Foundation and Navy SEAL Foundation.

Director Peter Berg's new film has already managed to raise $100,000 through privately held screenings of the film ahead of its wide release this weekend.

The charities hope that the film inspires audiences to help veterans. "This film makes you realize that wasn't just a story. This wasn't fiction," Got Your Six director and veteran Chris Marvin said. "These things really happened. That's important for Americans to know because the 19 people who died that day were sent by the American public."

Mark Wahlberg and co-star Taylor Kitsch competed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show during the week in an obstacle course, with the winning donating $10,000 to a charity of their choice. Unsurprisingly, both chose the Lone Survivor Fund.

Since opening on midnight Thursday night, Lone Survivor has looked strong at the weekend box office. The film earned $12 million in just one full day and analysts predict the movie will earn about $35 million for its opening weekend, easily leaving the other new films of the weekend in the dust.

image: Universal Pictures/Image.net



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