Los Angeles woman is jailed for hundreds of 911 calls

By Jessica Starks,

A resident of Los Angeles was given multiple charges for making non-emergency calls over a number of years.

As reported by KNBC Los Angeles, 43-year old Linette Young is said to have made over 400 false 911 reports since early 2011. Of those 400, 220 of those calls were for paramedic assistance, which she sometimes requested six times a day in 2013 alone.

LA Weekly also noted this statement from a City Attorney: “Other times, Young would go to Fire Station 66 on West Slauson Avenue seeking medical assistance. On each occasion, Young was treated and found to have no medical issues and would refuse any transportation to hospitals.”

Young was convicted of 12 counts of annoying or harassing 911 calls and 13 counts of making a false emergency report. She was sentenced to six months in jail, three years probation, and mandatory psychological counseling. It was also ordered that the woman have no contact with the Los Angeles Fire Department and save her calls for actual emergencies.

City Attorney Mike Feuer commented to CBS Los Angeles, “911 is for emergency calls only, and this conviction is part of our work to ensure that the public’s lifeline is not abused.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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