Mafia hit suspected in 3-year-old child’s murder

By Michelle Kapusta,

A mafia hit is the suspected motive for the killing of a 3-year-old boy in southern Italy.

According to the Daily Mail, the alleged hit may have been ordered against little Nicola Campolongo, his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend for an unpaid drug debt.

The three were shot and killed last week. Their corpses were found in a burned Fiat.

CNN has reported that this tragedy has even caught the attention of Pope Francis. He called the death "unprecedented" and asked worshipers to say a prayer. He also called on the child's killers to repent for their crimes.

Investigators believe that the Ndrangheta crime organization is responsible for the murders.

The child, nicknamed Coco, had been cared for by his grandfather ever since both of his parents went to prison last year for drug-trafficking.

Contrary to popular belief, not just hardened criminals or snitches have been killed by the mob in the past. Sometimes, innocent victims are caught in the crossfire or specifically targeted because of their relationship with who the mobsters are really after.



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