Man calls Nashville Gamestop to place order before robbing store

By Morgan Cox,

In an effort to make sure the Gamestop in Nashville, Tennessee, had all of the items he would need, the robber placed a call to the store beforehand.

Early Wednesday morning, the man placed a call to the store to reserve an XBOX One, along with the games Just Dance 2014, NBA 2K14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, which he planned to purchase for his child. He claimed that he was on his way to work and was in a hurry, therefore he needed the store associate to gather the items for him so he could quickly purchase them upon arrival.

According to NY Daily News, the robber, who is only described as a black male, arrived two hours later and was armed.

He quickly gathered the items he had called for previously, along with $600.

The robber demanded the store associate to lie face down on the floor and quickly exited the store.

A representative from Gamestop explained to WTVF that they were very lucky that there were no injuries involved at the store.



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