Man who hit toddler on plane gets 8 months in jail

By Michelle Kapusta,

The Idaho man who pleaded guilty to assaulting a toddler on a plane last February was sentenced to eight months in federal prison on Monday.

According to the Associated Press, Joe Rickey Hundley was accused of using a racial slur to refer to the child and then slapping him after he began crying on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Authorities said the 61-year-old slapped the toddler with an open hand, which resulted in the boy screaming louder. Hundley’s slap left the 19-month-old with a scratch below his right eye.

HLN notes that the child’s mother, Jessica Bennett, told law enforcement officers that Hundley told her “to shut that [racial slur] baby up,” just before he slapped the boy in the face. When Bennett asked him what he just said, he leaned in close to her and repeated himself.

After the judge sentenced Hundley to eight months in jail, he told the court that he had taken full responsibility for his actions and apologized to the child’s mother.

Bennett has said that she did not feel the apology was sincere, but is satisfied with the ruling.



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