Mancrate.com's Zombie Survival Kit reviewed

By Chris Baggiano,

For any of The Walking Dead's many fans, and those just awaiting a zombie apocalypse, Mancrates.com has you covered in the form of a zombie survival kit. What you’ll be met with once you take it out of the cardboard box is a wooden crate and a mini crowbar (pictured above) – just in case the name of the website didn’t tip you off. And this is a legitimate crate held together with not just nails but also lots of glue – making the image below all the more apt.

Unfortunately, it took my friend and me a solid 45 minutes just to remove the top of the crate, often splitting the wood. We also used a hammer to jam the crowbar deeper under the crate top for better prying. Once opened though a zombie apocalypse survival bounty was revealed.

Yes, the machete with a 10.75-inch blade is completely real and is certainly no toy. Also included is the New York Times bestselling book The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, the author of World War Z, which is a must have for anyone needing a bit of guidance in the wake of a zombie attack. Rounding out the kit is a first aid kit that will fix most minor boo-boos but not much else, a roll of duct tape, and a can of spam.

Clearly, the machete and The Zombie Survival Guide are the main items for the kit. The machete is incredibly sharp, with a saw blade on the back, perfect for splitting decaying skulls of the undead or building a shelter from branches. It comes with a nice sheath and a wristband.

The Zombie Survival Guide, while a tad tongue-in-cheek, offers a lot of guidance for any type of zombie, terrain, or situation. Complete with illustrations, the book offers well thought out approaches to not only the zombie apocalypse but also various situations in which you may find yourself. The book also features a nice section on some previously recorded zombie attacks.

The rest of the kit is a bit on the run of the mill side. As mentioned, the first aid kit won’t help much with anything more serious than a scrape or a very shallow cut. The flashlight, while designed in an L-shape and with a button to flash the light to communicate in Morse code, feels a bit on the flimsy side and does not feature much illumination. This is no Maglite. And of course, Spam is Spam.

At a price of $99.99, the zombie kit is a tad on the steeper side, but the machete and the book definitely are nice items for any zombie aficionado. When combined with the packaging and the overall experience of unpacking your Mancrate, the zombie survival kit does make a fine gift.



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