Man's color blindness is cured by head injury

By Morgan Cox,

Richard Riggs, 70, from Yakima, Washington, has been colorblind his whole life. After a fall where he hit his head, Riggs says he can now see more colors than ever before.

"I've been colorblind since I was born, and at age 70 I see colors of the rainbow now," Riggs said.

Dr. Scott Brodie, of The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, told CBS News that "this is very implausible."

It was explained by Dr. Brodie that people who are born colorblind essentially develop their own ideas of what colors look like.

According to Yahoo! News, Riggs planned to use his new sense out in March.

"Every March we take a trip to Hawaii, I can't wait to get there with my new color sense and watch the flowers… and the bikinis," Riggs said.

If Riggs damaged his brain from the fall, the doctor has made clear that it is possible he may be seeing more colors from gaps filled in by his brain. Another possibility is a type of brain damage so severe that it could develop his own idea of colors.

Riggs plans to make a trip to the eye doctor to clear up the happenings.



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