Marijuana-themed booths to be featured at Colorado county fair

By Jeffrey Rindskopf,

Colorado's Denver County is set to feature cannabis-themed contests at their 2014 summer fair. Following the state's legalization of recreational use of the drug, the fair will be the first time marijuana will be judged alongside tomatoes and pumpkins at a county fair.

The Associated Press reports that there will not actually be marijuana present at the contest booths. The judging for the plants will be done off-site, with photos of the winners displayed at the booth.

There will also be a joint-rolling contest, using oregano instead of marijuana. The fair's organizers said they thought it would be a fun way to incorporate more of Denver's personality into the already quirky county fair, according to Denver's Westword.

There will be nine cannabis categories in the contests, including competitions for best marijuana-infused brownies and savory foods, and even a Dorito-eating contest. Some of the competitions are based on Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup festival.

The entries will be displayed in an area, called the "Pot Pavilion," accessible only to guests over 21 years of age. Organizers say that, although no drugs will be present in the area, they wanted to be respectful of families at the fair.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.



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