Marilyn McKenna lost 120 pounds but Facebook does not 'like' it

By Amanda Stewart,

Facebook recently took a photo down of a women’s “before and after” photo, saying that she was trying to sell something.

Marilyn McKenna, the woman in the photo, says she was not trying to sell anything to anyone. She intended for the photo to provide inspiration to others who are trying to make lifestyle changes, according to Headlines and Global News.

According to Fox Denver, she posted a photo of her old size 20 pants, her “fat pants.” After her lap band surgery, she’s able to fit her entire body into one leg of the pants.

In 2007, McKenna weighed 265 pounds and now only weighs 145 pounds and has put her efforts into keeping a blog about her experience with weight loss.

When she posted a photo inside her “fat pants” Facebook took the photo down saying that it idealized body image. McKenna said that Facebook sent her an email saying, "This kind of image isn't allowed."

“I can’t even fathom what they’re thinking,” she said. “I call B.S. on Facebook.”

McKenna is the wife of a former Washington State Attorney General and said on Sunday that she plans to meet with Facebook officials this week in order to resolve the issue.



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