Marlise Munoz to be kept alive, brain dead and 19 weeks pregnant

By Amanda Stewart,

Marlise Munoz, 19 weeks pregnant, is lying in the hospital, in Fort Worth, Texas, after being pronounced brain dead. John Peter Smith Hospital refuses to allow the husband, Erick Munoz, to pull her off of life support.

Marlise died the week after Thanksgiving, according to Dallas Morning News. Marlise was 14 weeks pregnant when her husband found her unconscious. She wasn’t breathing and had no pulse.

According to The Associated Press, the Texas law says that they cannot take family orders when a pregnancy is in question. Three experts say that the law may be being interpreted wrongly by the hospital.

Her husband and parents don’t want Marlise to suffer any longer. However, under this law, Marlise will not be able to simply let go because she is pregnant.

In the wake of the Jahi McMath case, where the hospital wants to pull the 13-year-old off of ventilators, it is hard to understand why John Peter Smith would fight for keeping this woman on life support, though she is brain dead and will never have a chance of seeing her child.

“It’s our decision that we didn’t want to live in that condition,” Munoz said. He and his wife both worked as paramedics and saw death up close.



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