Marvel produces 'All Hail the King' One-Shot short film for 'Thor: The Dark World' DVD

By Chelsea Lewis ,
The short film features Ben Kingsley reprising his role from "Iron Man 3'

Marvel’s latest One-Shot short film will be featured on the DVD release of Thor: The Dark World which is set to hit stores on Feb. 25.

The film is called All Hail the King and will feature Ben Kingsley who is known for his role in Iron Man 3 as the "Mandarin," reports Entertainment Weekly.

The Mandarin is a major character and villain in the Iron Man franchise but fans experienced a "switch" when the villain was not Kingsley.

The short features Kingsley who is locked away in a maximum security prison, where he revels in his infamy within the prison compound.

All Hail is only 14 minutes long and was written and directed by Drew Pearce, who is known for his work on Iron Man 3.

Each One-Shot film that Marvel produces is becoming more elaborate and this film features the highest production quality yet. All Hail the King explains more about why Iron Man 3 featured a switch.

Screen Crush reported that this short film might be a hint as to what fans could expect to see in Iron Man 4.




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