Mary Fahl's Top ten tips for the chronically late

By Mary Fahl,

I must confess, I am one of those people who struggle with being late - and my husband is even worse - together we became “The Tardies.” We’re talking chronically late on steroids. For those of you who have sat looking at your watches waiting for us, we weren’t late out of disrespect for you;we tried to be on time, it just seemed mysteriously beyond us. That said, we are both “doers” and self-improvers, so last year we made a New Year’s resolution to fix our annoying habit. I studied our behavior patterns as one would a couple of lab rats and it led to some interesting discoveries and several workable solutions. The fiercely on-time among you may think some of these tips are stupidly obvious - not so for we tardies - and that’s who this list is for anyway.



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