Mayor Rob Ford being sued for allegedly ordering jailhouse beatdown

By Jeffrey Rindskopf,

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now being sued for allegedly ordering a jailhouse beatdown on his sister's ex-boyfriend to keep him from going public with his knowledge of the mayor's bad behavior.

The NY Daily News reports that Scott MacIntyre, a confessed former drug addict, claims in his suit that the belligerent, drug-using mayor's ordered assault broke his leg and shattered several teeth.

The attack came after MacIntyre, the former common-law husband of Ford's sister Kathy, was arrested for breaking into the mayor's home and threatening to kill him.

Soon after, he apparently told Ford to be careful, implying he might go public with sensitive information about the mayor's drug use and association with criminals. This threat is believed to be the direct cause of MacIntyre's assault, which was preceded by weeks of verbal warning to keep quiet on the subject.

According to the Toronto Star/a>, the lawsuit alleges that Ford carried out the attack in March 2012 with the help of his former assistant coach Payman Aboodowleh and onetime Don Bosco football player Aedan Petros, who are also being sued.

During MacIntyre's June 2012 sentencing for breaking into Ford's home, Justice Paul French acknowledged the assault himself, saying it was due to his being a "bother" to the mayor.

"It is accepted by counsel that the beating was in the nature of so-called 'jailhouse justice,'" said Justice Paul French during the sentencing for the break-in.

MacIntyre also claims that he is referenced in a leaked video wherein the Toronto mayor slurs that he's going to "kill that f---ing guy. I'm telling you, it's first-degree murder."

Ford's lawyer Dennis Morris firmly denied the allegations. Ford himself has yet to comment on the matter. Ford will be retaining a civil lawyer, Gavin Tighe, to contest the suit.

“I’m definitely being consulted … and I expect that we will be defending the matter, delivering our statement of defense in the normal course … in the coming weeks,” Tighe said Wednesday night. “Our position will be pretty clear in our statement of defense, but my understanding is there’s no merit to this in fact or in law.”

MacIntyre is seeking $1.2 million from each of the three defendants, totaling $3.6 million.

This is far from the first scandal in what the Toronto star appropriately calls the "Ford saga," and it most likely won't be the last for the mayor who is still planning to run for reelection.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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