Mel B rushes daughter to emergency room

By Laura Hundemer,

Former Spice girl Mel B rushed her daughter, Angel, to the hospital Thursday morning. Six-year-old Angel woke up disoriented and had blood gushing out of her nose. After keeping Angel home from school the day before for a nose bleed Mel B decided she needed to take her to the emergency room.

The hospital administered several tests to get to the bottom of what is going on. According to Us Weekly, Mel B said, “They're thinking it's either like some kind of a heart murmur, vessel infection or sinus infection -- a lot is going on!"

Angel’s father is Mel B’s ex Eddie Murphy. Mel B has two other daughters from separate relationships; Phoenix, 14, and Madison, 2.

Mel B, also known as Scary Spice, still gets asked about a possible reunion for the British pop group. According to MSN Celebrity, when asked about the reunion Mel replied, “Me out of the five is always the one saying yes, I mean of course we're going to come back and do something... It's just getting everyone else to say that too.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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