Michigan Technological University group searched social media for time travel

By Amanda Stewart,

An experiment that was developed over a game of cards led an astrophysicist to look for time travelers on social media.

Robert Nemiroff and his students from Michigan Technological University came up with the idea to search via social networking, according to The International Business Times.

According to Nemiroff, time travelers from the future would leave a trail. For instance, someone from the future may post about something that has yet to happen.

CNN reports that the group of students and professor Nemiroff focused on two search terms. They focused on Comet ISON and Pope Francis. They looked for posts from January of 2006 to September 2013.

They did not find any evidence of time travel though. No posts or mentions about the comet or the pope before the time that they occurred were written.

There are a few theories about why this may not have worked. They could have used the wrong search terms or time travelers may not update on social media.

"It's not proof, but it's an indication to me that it's not possible," Nemiroff said. That's a disappointment to those who have always wanted to travel to a different time and place, but could be the truth nonetheless.



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