'The Middle' Recap: 'War of the Hecks'

By Amanda Jo Scott,

Colin Firth is still hanging around the Heck household, but Frankie’s four-legged furry friend hasn’t quite warmed up to Mike. However, against his own judgment, Mike agrees to try with Colin Firth. After two weeks, if he and Mike haven’t warmed up to one another, Frankie will hang up the found dog signs. Just as Mike and Colin Firth start to like one another, Frankie learns that her boss lost a dog that looks like Colin Firth. She begrudgingly returns the dog to her boss only to find out that it wasn’t actually his dog. Too late. He accepts the dog and Frankie and Mike are left without their four-legged friend.

Brick decides to read Unsinkable: A Memoir written by Debbie Reynolds. Unfortunately, he admits to his reading group, comprised of older ladies, that it really wasn’t his cup of tea. He thinks he wasn’t exactly the intended audience. However, he’s quite excited to read Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. My gut tells me he’s going to feel the same way about this next book.

Meanwhile, after Frankie tells Axl to clean his room, he suckers Brick and Sue into helping him by calling it “Memory Lane Adventure.” Such a Tom Sawyer move. Apparently this isn’t his first time tricking them with misleading names. In the past he’s used: Hamper Hostage, Dryer Ride, and Toilet Explorer. While cleaning, Brick finds the hen head to Sue’s mascot costume. Sue becomes enraged when she discovers Axl was the one who stole it a year ago. She attacks Axl. So begins the “War of the Hecks.” She loads Axl’s hair dryer with flower. He puts super glue on her toothbrush and toothpaste. She fills his car with soapsuds. He puts up “Have you seen this dork, no reward” flyers with Sue’s picture all over town. She finally realizes that she has to take the higher road. She calls him into the backyard and holds his state championship signed jersey over the grill. She threatens to burn it unless he apologizes for hiding the hen head. He finally apologizes, but, Sue being Sue, accidentally starts the jersey on fire. He replies, “I have no sister.” Clearly upset, Sue tries to apologize to Axl, but he doesn’t accept. She even offers to let him do her bodily harm, but he rejects her apology. Finally, she walks in with her beloved stuffed dog. She offers to ruin something she loves since she ruined something he loved. She rips apart her stuffed dog. Axl stops her and says he forgives her. He offers to use some glue to put her dog back together. As he heads off to school, he tells Sue he’ll let her know when she can come visit. An excited Sue hugs Axl and won’t let go. Axl, trying to get away, says, “Don’t know why you love me so much. I’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

Another fun-filled evening with the Heck family.

image: ABC



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