Mike Tyson to produce film on his life

By Marie Blake,

Notorious boxing champion Mike Tyson is getting ready to produce a film about his early life and years in the ring.

WENN reports that Tyson, along with his wife, Lakiha Spicer, will produce a film that chronicles his early life as a boxer. The film will show the road to how he became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time at the age of 20.

Spicer told The New York Post that she thinks Kevin Spacey should play Tysons mentor, Cus D’Amato, and that Helen Mirren should play his adoptive mother, Camille Ewald.

As for the role of Tyson, the two explain that they don't want a big name to play him, they prefer an unknown actor.

The two also explained that they are looking to recruit Larry Sloman to write a screenplay. Sloman co-wrote Tyson's book Undisputed Truth, as well as Howard Stern's Private Parts.

Tyson made cameo appearances in The Hangover and Scary Movie 5. Last year he starred in a Spike Lee HBO movie that shows him talking about his early life on stage in a one-man show.

Image: ABC



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